A dreamer is a winner

I’m a dreamer, I’m the winner, I pray, I laugh and always strive for more.

My head is in the clouds, my feet are well rooted. Proper high, I’m pushing boundaries, never setting for less. Pain and gain, the ups and downs well this is life! A everlasting journey to learn every lesson and pass any test. Always stay focused, move forward and never regress! Be happy as you’ll get super lucky! You’re blessed with love, and passion, you’re pure, you’re art and that’s so brilliant.

A star that shines, I’m spreading peace I live life fully. My heart , brain and soul are the masterpieces. I have tatoos of love and magic, the stories on my skin! I found my road to heaven and I’m going all in!

I’m an artist at heart, I’m here to shine. My dreams are wide awake. Are you living your life? My mind is sharped, and i can see the speed of thought, I can hear the music of life!

I’m a dreamer, an all times winner, I feel so alive. Proper equipped, in search of new heights. If I ever fall I know how to dive.

The lessons I’ve learned, the people I’ve meet I keep myself shining, I bloom, I flow, the energy of life!

I always take the pulse having in mind my heat beat. Pure imagination I’m into creation…

I wake up in the morning to cout my blessings having the all the revelations! My thoughts are wider than the sky We’re made to shine, I’m telling you no lie.

By Happy Doctor🍀😇





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