This blog is a mind journey, and as all psychologists would admit, the human mind is a complex construct that till keeps its mystery. DISCLAIMER: Viewer’s discretion is advised! (I am kidding…there are no movies here) …. BUT YES…. Reader’s are kindly required to smile while going through this mind journey! 😊

I am Dana Laura…. both being my names and none of them the actual family name. In my hometown, Sfântu Gheorghe, people know me as Dana. By the way….I used the diacritics just to “trouble” the native English as, obviously, I’m not one of them.  And yes, my beautiful mountain hometown city has an English translation. In Cluj Napoca my friends know me as Laura.

I prefer Laura for it’s meaning in Romanian culture, although, when I came in UAE, 8 years back, I found out that Dana is an Arabic name with a great meaning. I’m wondering if my parents chose this name knowing how my future will look like as I know for sure God had everything planned for me.

I am a communication and journalist specialist. Well, I could call myself a communication expert (I suppose you know that to become an expert you need at least 10 years of studies and practice…and I passed that stage, still counting, though). I do work in a communication related field. However I’m no journalist expert as writing remained one of my hobbies, with not much journalism practice. I always had this “writing” in me. As a child  I used to write all my daily activities and thoughts in diaries…and I could count at least 10 different ones that will cover all my childhood and teenage periods. I also used to write letters to all my summer holiday friends from Hunedoara. Professionally….I had a few articles published and once I published a club magazine with a very intelligent college of mine. The problem of intelligent people is that they tend to become lazy and this is what happen with him…and myself. The magazine was supposed to be issued bimonthly, but honestly, we never made it after its fist issue. 😊

To best, and shortly describe myself,  I would say that I am a dreamer as I dream with my eyes wide open. I have my head in the clouds and my feet’s on the ground. I lifted them a few times in my life…while being in love (and those stomach butterflies lifted me up). I also had them lifted “once upon a time in Amsterdam” as Space cake has it’s name for a reason…but wait….that’s a story for another time. 😉

I used to have a blog, a long time back, but not much creativity and inspiration. Now, I have inspiration so I must have a blog.

There are 4 people who encourage me to reopen my blog….but guess what?! I’LL JUST MAKE A NEW ONE….and tell myself: “It’s the first day from the rest of you’re life so make it great!”

So, this blog is for myself, as journaling is not enough and all this “digital” era should be of use. I could really use some practice as I’ve been meaning to publish my first book for years now….still trying… 😊

This blog is for Anda, my soul-mate, for Zoli and for Hesham, a bunch of wonderful humans who have red my previous blog. This blog is for M.R. as well as he is that type of friend who’s company inspires me and helps me create. At one point I wrote him some notes and I even made a roast for him, and trust me, I could easily go to IUmor finals with it. M.R. has always enjoyed reading my stuff and guess what?!…he is still around…still a muse for my inspiration.

There is a 5th person who pulled my trigger and that is Mihai Bendeac. I found him “the sort of person that I wish to meet and have meaningful discussions with” so once he published his book: “Jurnalul unui burlac: Conversații cu mama”, I felt is time to start creating something that will last forever. I have not read his book but I’m sure it is brilliant, as the author.

This blog is also FOR YOU. In case you still enjoy reading more than IF and FB posts, in case you spare some minutes to read more than Google feeds, fake and breaking news than welcome to my wonderland.

This blog is a mind journey with a sole purpose: make this world a better place by being the change you want to see in the world (as Ghandi said).